Hello I'm Bego. I Love Creating Spaces.

Since I was a small girl I used to draw all the time. The usual things around me seemed to me always something more than a common objet. The doorknob there seemed to me the funny face of a man...
I enjoy very much creating new things based usually in simple but strong designs. Less is more...
My first contact with graphic design was 15 years ago when basically all the designers were working on printing assignments. I have a large experience in this area. Nowadays web design is very important so of course I have trained myself further in this area trying to improve myself every day to be able to control the last tendences. Here you can see some of my works. I hope you enjoy them and see in me that plus necessary for deciding that BEGO is the person to work with.

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uno dos tres cuatro cinco
uno dos tres cuatro cinco
uno dos tres
uno dos tres cuatro cinco
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